Action Replay Codes [US]

.hack//Quarantine Part 4 - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for .hack//Quarantine Part 4 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    EE8C4872 BCBB4902
  2. Infinite Foods

  3. Golden Eggs
    FE06F364 BCA99BE6
  4. Grunt Mints
    FE06F367 BCA99BE6
  5. Twilight Onions
    FE06F366 BCA99BE6
  6. Snakey Cacti
    FE06F361 BCA99BE6
  7. Oh No Melons
    FE06F360 BCA99BE6
  8. Cordyceps
    FE06F363 BCA99BE6
  9. White Cherries
    FE06F362 BCA99BE6
  10. Root Vegetables
    FE06F36D BCA99BE6
  11. La Pumpkins
    FE06F36C BCA99BE6
  12. Mushrooms
    FE06F36F BCA99BE6
  13. Mandragoras
    FE06F36E BCA99BE6
  14. Piney Apples
    FE06F369 BCA99BE6
  15. Immature Eggs
    FE06F368 BCA99BE6
  16. Bearcat Eggs
    FE06F36B BCA99BE6
  17. Invisible Egg
    FE06F36A BCA99BE6
  18. Bloody Eggs
    FE06F375 BCA99BE6
  19. Infinite All Foods
    CE06F364 BCA9FEE6
    DE06F366 1F0CFEE6
    DE06F362 1F0CFEE6
    DE06F36E 1F0CFEE6
    CE06F36A BCA9FEE6
  20. Infinite Virus Cores

  21. Virus Core A
    FE06F342 BCA99BE6
  22. Virus Core B
    FE06F34D BCA99BE6
  23. Virus Core C
    FE06F34C BCA99BE6
  24. Virus Core D
    FE06F34F BCA99BE6
  25. Virus Core E
    FE06F34E BCA99BE6
  26. Virus Core F
    FE06F349 BCA99BE6
  27. Virus Core G
    FE06F348 BCA99BE6
  28. Virus Core H
    FE06F34B BCA99BE6
  29. Virus Core I
    FE06F34A BCA99BE6
  30. Virus Core J
    FE06F355 BCA99BE6
  31. Virus Core K
    FE06F354 BCA99BE6
  32. Virus Core L
    FE06F357 BCA99BE6
  33. Virus Core M
    FE06F356 BCA99BE6
  34. Virus Core N
    FE06F351 BCA99BE6
  35. Virus Core O
    FE06F350 BCA99BE6
  36. Virus Core P
    FE06F353 BCA99BE6
  37. Virus Core Q
    FE06F352 BCA99BE6
  38. Virus Core R
    FE06F35D BCA99BE6
  39. Virus Core S
    FE06F35C BCA99BE6
  40. Virus Core T
    FE06F35F BCA99BE6
  41. Virus Core U
    FE06F35E BCA99BE6
  42. Virus Core V
    FE06F359 BCA99BE6
  43. Virus Core W
    FE06F358 BCA99BE6
  44. Virus Core X
    FE06F35B BCA99BE6
  45. Virus Core Y
    FE06F35A BCA99BE6
  46. Virus Core Z
    FE06F365 BCA99BE6
  47. All Virus Cores
    DE06F342 1F0CFEE6
    DE06F34E 1F0CFEE6
    DE06F34A 1F0CFEE6
    DE06F356 1F0CFEE6
    DE06F352 1F0CFEE6
    DE06F35E 1F0CFEE6
    CE06F35A BCA9FEE6
  48. Event Items

  49. Epitaph 00
    FE06F374 BCA99B84
  50. Epitaph 01
    FE06F377 BCA99B84
  51. Epitaph 02
    FE06F376 BCA99B84
  52. Epitaph 03
    FE06F371 BCA99B84
  53. Epitaph 04
    FE06F370 BCA99B84
  54. Epitaph ?
    FE06F373 BCA99B84
  55. Harald’s Note
    FE06F372 BCA99B84
  56. Grunty Flute
    FE06F37D BCA99B84
  57. Imp’s Pin
    FE06F37C BCA99B84
  58. Imp’s Praises
    FE06F37F BCA99B84
  59. Imp’s Cross
    FE06F37E BCA99B84
  60. Imp’s Crown
    FE06F379 BCA99B84
  61. Remedy
    FE06F378 BCA99B84
  62. Custom Remedy
    FE06F37B BCA99B84
  63. True Remedy
    FE06F37A BCA99B84
  64. First Remedy
    FE06F305 BCA99B84
  65. Love Letter
    FE06F304 BCA99B84
  66. The Twilight
    FE06F307 BCA99B84
  67. Book Of Law
    FE06F306 BCA99B84
  68. Book Of Iron
    FE06F301 BCA99B84
  69. Spark Sword
    FE06F300 BCA99B84
  70. Paper Cloak
    FE06F303 BCA99B84
  71. Mad Opener
    FE06F302 BCA99B84
  72. Basin Shield
    FE06F30D BCA99B84
  73. Love Archery
    FE06F30C BCA99B84
  74. Plastic Sword
    FE06F30F BCA99B84
  75. Harald’s Note
    FE06F30E BCA99B84
  76. Bk Of Absolute
    FE06F309 BCA99B84
  77. Segment 1
    FE06F308 BCA99B84
  78. Red Sword
    FE06F30B BCA99B84
  79. Blue Boots
    FE06F30A BCA99B84
  80. Yellow Cap
    FE06F315 BCA99B84
  81. All Event Items
    CE06F374 BCA99C84
    DE06F376 BDAA9C84
    DE06F372 BDAA9C84
    DE06F37E BDAA9C84
    DE06F37A BDAA9C84
    DE06F306 BDAA9C84
    DE06F302 BDAA9C84
    DE06F30E BDAA9C84
    FE06F315 BCA99B84
  82. All Party Members
    DE06E66E BCB89A82
  83. Kite Codes

  84. Quick Level Up
    CE0694E6 BCA99E6A
  85. Infinite Cash
    DE0694E2 C19E7B82
  86. Max HP
    CE0694F2 BCA9C292
  87. Max Sp
    CE0694FC BCA99E6A
  88. Super Physical Stats
    DE068BFE E3B9C293
    DE068BFA E3B9C293
  89. Super Magical Stats
    DE068B86 E3B9C293
    DE068B82 E3B9C293
  90. Super Other Stats
    DE068B8E E3B9C293
    DE068B8A E3B9C293
    DE068B96 E3B9C293
    DE068B92 E3B9C293
  91. Mia Codes

  92. Quick Level Up
    CE068B3A BCA99E6A
  93. Infinite Cash
    DE068BC6 C19E7B82
  94. Max HP
    CE068BD6 BCA9C292
  95. Max Sp
    CE068BD0 BCA99E6A
  96. Super Physical Stats
    DE068BD2 E3B9C293
    DE068BDE E3B9C293
  97. Super Magical Stats
    DE068BDA E3B9C293
    DE068BE6 E3B9C293
  98. Super Other Stats
    DE068BE2 E3B9C293
    DE068BEE E3B9C293
    DE068BEA E3B9C293
    DE068BF6 E3B9C293
  99. Orca Codes

  100. Quick Level Up
    CE068A1E BCA99E6A
  101. Infinite Cash
    DE068A1A C19E7B82
  102. Max HP
    CE068A2A BCA9C292
  103. Max Sp
    CE068A34 BCA99E6A
  104. Super Physical Stats
    DE068A36 E3B9C293
    DE068A32 E3B9C293
  105. Super Magical Stats
    DE068A3E E3B9C293
    DE068A3A E3B9C293
  106. Super Other Stats
    DE068AC6 E3B9C293
    DE068AC2 E3B9C293
    DE068ACE E3B9C293
    DE068ACA E3B9C293
  107. Marlo Codes

  108. Quick Level Up
    CE068972 BCA99E6A
  109. Infinite Cash
    DE06897E C19E7B82
  110. Max HP
    CE06890E BCA9C292
  111. Max Sp
    CE068908 BCA99E6A
  112. Super Physical Stats
    DE06890A E3B9C293
    DE068916 E3B9C293
  113. Super Magical Stats
    DE068912 E3B9C293
    DE06891E E3B9C293
  114. Super Other Stats
    DE06891A E3B9C293
    DE068926 E3B9C293
    DE068922 E3B9C293
    DE06892E E3B9C293
  115. Sanjuro Codes

  116. Quick Level Up
    CE068856 BCA99E6A
  117. Infinite Cash
    DE068852 C19E7B82
  118. Max HP
    CE068862 BCA9C292
  119. Max Sp
    CE06886C BCA99E6A
  120. Super Physical Stats
    DE06886E E3B9C293
    DE06886A E3B9C293
  121. Super Magical Stats
    DE068876 E3B9C293
    DE068872 E3B9C293
  122. Super Other Stats
    DE06887E E3B9C293
    DE06887A E3B9C293
    DE068806 E3B9C293
    DE068802 E3B9C293
  123. Nuke Codes

  124. Quick Level Up
    CE068FAA BCA99E6A
  125. Infinite Cash
    DE068FB6 C19E7B82
  126. Max HP
    CE068F46 BCA9C292
  127. Max Sp
    CE068F40 BCA99E6A
  128. Super Physical Stats
    DE068F42 E3B9C293
    DE068F4E E3B9C293
  129. Super Magical Stats
    DE068F4A E3B9C293
    DE068F56 E3B9C293
  130. Super Other Stats
    DE068F52 E3B9C293
    DE068F5E E3B9C293
    DE068F5A E3B9C293
    DE068F66 E3B9C293
  131. Balmung Codes

  132. Quick Level Up
    CE068E8E BCA99E6A
  133. Infinite Cash
    DE068E8A C19E7B82
  134. Max HP
    CE068E9A BCA9C292
  135. Max Sp
    CE068EA4 BCA99E6A
  136. Super Physical Stats
    DE068EA6 E3B9C293
    DE068EA2 E3B9C293
  137. Super Magical Stats
    DE068EAE E3B9C293
    DE068EAA E3B9C293
  138. Super Other Stats
    DE068EB6 E3B9C293
    DE068EB2 E3B9C293
    DE068EBE E3B9C293
    DE068EBA E3B9C293
  139. Moonstone Codes

  140. Quick Level Up
    CE068EF2 BCA99E6A
  141. Infinite Cash
    DE068EEE C19E7B82
  142. Max HP
    CE068DFE BCA9C292
  143. Max Sp
    CE068DF8 BCA99E6A
  144. Super Physical Stats
    DE068DFA E3B9C293
    DE068D86 E3B9C293
  145. Super Magical Stats
    DE068D82 E3B9C293
    DE068D8E E3B9C293
  146. Super Other Stats
    DE068D8A E3B9C293
    DE068D96 E3B9C293
    DE068D92 E3B9C293
    DE068D9E E3B9C293
  147. Piros Codes

  148. Quick Level Up
    CE068DC6 BCA99E6A
  149. Infinite Cash
    DE068DC2 C17E7B82
  150. Max HP
    CE068DD2 BCA9C292
  151. Max Sp
    CE068DDC BCA99E6A
  152. Super Physical Stats
    DE068DDE E3B9C293
    DE068DDA E3B9C293
  153. Super Magical Stats
    DE068DE6 E3B9C293
    DE068DE2 E3B9C293
  154. Super Other Stats
    DE068DEE E3B9C293
    DE068DEA E3B9C293
    DE068DF6 E3B9C293
    DE068DF2 E3B9C293
  155. Wiseman Codes

  156. Quick Level Up
    CE068C1A BCA99E6A
  157. Infinite Cash
    DE068C26 C19E7B82
  158. Max HP
    CE068C36 BCA9C292
  159. Max Sp
    CE068C30 BCA99E6A
  160. Super Physical Stats
    DE068C32 E3B9C293
    DE068C3E E3B9C293
  161. Super Magical Stats
    DE068C3A E3B9C293
    DE068CC6 E3B9C293
  162. Super Other Stats
    DE068CC2 E3B9C293
    DE068CCE E3B9C293
    DE068CCA E3B9C293
    DE068CD6 E3B9C293
  163. Elk Codes

  164. Quick Level Up
    CE06837E BCA99E6A
  165. Infinite Cash
    DE06837A C19E7B82
  166. Max HP
    CE06830A BCA9C292
  167. Max Sp
    CE068314 BCA99E6A
  168. Super Physical Stats
    DE068316 E3B9C293
    DE068312 E3B9C293
  169. Super Magical Stats
    DE06831E E3B9C293
    DE06831A E3B9C293
  170. Super Other Stats
    DE068326 E3B9C293
    DE068322 E3B9C293
    DE06832E E3B9C293
    DE06832A E3B9C293
  171. Natsume Codes

  172. Quick Level Up
    CE068252 BCA99E6A
  173. Infinite Cash
    DE06825E C19E7B82
  174. Max HP
    CE06826E BCA9C292
  175. Max Sp
    CE068268 BCA99E6A
  176. Super Physical Stats
    DE06826A E3B9C293
    DE068276 E3B9C293
  177. Super Magical Stats
    DE068272 E3B9C293
    DE06827E E3B9C293
  178. Super Other Stats
    DE06827A E3B9C293
    DE068206 E3B9C293
    DE068202 E3B9C293
    DE06820E E3B9C293
  179. Rachel Codes

  180. Quick Level Up
    CE0681B6 BCA99E6A
  181. Infinite Cash
    DE0681B2 C19E7B82
  182. Max HP
    CE068142 BCA9C292
  183. Max Sp
    CE06814C BCA99E6A
  184. Super Physical Stats
    DE06814E E3B9C293
    DE06814A E3B9C293
  185. Super Magical Stats
    DE068156 E3B9C293
    DE068152 E3B9C293
  186. Super Other Stats
    DE06815E E3B9C293
    DE06815A E3B9C293
    DE068166 E3B9C293
    DE068162 E3B9C293
  187. Gardenia Codes

  188. Quick Level Up
    CE06808A BCA99E6A
  189. Infinite Cash
    DE068096 C19E7B82
  190. Max HP
    CE0680A6 BCA9C292
  191. Max Sp
    CE0680A0 BCA99E6A
  192. Super Physical Stats
    DE0680A2 E3B9C293
    DE0680AE E3B9C293
  193. Super Magical Stats
    DE0680AA E3B9C293
    DE0680B6 E3B9C293
  194. Super Other Stats
    DE0680B2 E3B9C293
    DE0680BE E3B9C293
    DE0680BA E3B9C293
    DE068046 E3B9C293
  195. Terajima Codes

  196. Quick Level Up
    CE0680EE BCA99E6A
  197. Infinite Cash
    DE0680EA C19E7B82
  198. Max HP
    CE0687FA BCA9C292
  199. Max Sp
    CE068784 BCA99E6A
  200. Super Physical Stats
    DE068786 E3B9C293
    DE068782 E3B9C293
  201. Super Magical Stats
    DE06878E E3B9C293
    DE06878A E3B9C293
  202. Super Other Stats
    DE068796 E3B9C293
    DE068792 E3B9C293
    DE06879E E3B9C293
    DE06879A E3B9C293
  203. Blackrose Codes

  204. Quick Level Up
    CE0687D2 BCA99E6A
  205. Infinite Cash
    DE0687CE C19E7B82
  206. Max HP
    CE0687DE BCA9C292
  207. Max Sp
    CE0687D8 BCA99E6A
  208. Super Physical Stats
    DE0687DA E3B9C293
    DE0687E6 E3B9C293
  209. Super Magical Stats
    DE0687E2 E3B9C293
    DE0687EE E3B9C293
  210. Super Other Stats
    DE0687EA E3B9C293
    DE0687F6 E3B9C293
    DE0687F2 E3B9C293
    DE0686FE E3B9C293
  211. Mistral Codes

  212. Quick Level Up
    CE068626 BCA99E6A
  213. Infinite Cash
    DE068622 C19E7B82
  214. Max HP
    CE068632 BCA9C292
  215. Max Sp
    CE06863C BCA99E6A
  216. Super Physical Stats
    DE06863E E3B9C293
    DE06863A E3B9C293
  217. Super Magical Stats
    DE0686C6 E3B9C293
    DE0686C2 E3B9C293
  218. Super Other Stats
    DE0686CE E3B9C293
    DE0686CA E3B9C293
    DE0686D6 E3B9C293
    DE0686D2 E3B9C293
  219. Helba Codes

  220. Quick Level Up
    CE06857A BCA99E6A
  221. Infinite Cash
    DE068506 C19E7B82
  222. Max HP
    CE068516 BCA9C292
  223. Max Sp
    CE068510 BCA99E6A
  224. Super Physical Stats
    DE068512 E3B9C293
    DE06851E E3B9C293
  225. Super Magical Stats
    DE06851A E3B9C293
    DE068526 E3B9C293
  226. Super Other Stats
    DE068522 E3B9C293
    DE06852E E3B9C293
    DE06852A E3B9C293
    DE068536 E3B9C293
  227. Tuskasa Codes

  228. Quick Level Up
    CE067E4A BCA99E6A
  229. Infinite Cash
    DE067E56 C19E7B82
  230. Max HP
    CE067E66 BCA9C292
  231. Max Sp
    CE067E60 BCA99E6A
  232. Super Physical Stats
    DE067E62 E3B9C293
    DE067E6E E3B9C293
  233. Super Magical Stats
    DE067E6A E3B9C293
    DE067E76 E3B9C293
  234. Super Other Stats
    DE067E72 E3B9C293
    DE067E7E E3B9C293
    DE067E7A E3B9C293
    DE067E06 E3B9C293
  235. Subaru Codes

  236. Quick Level Up
    CE067DAE BCA99E6A
  237. Infinite Cash
    DE067DAA C19E7B82
  238. Max HP
    CE067DBA BCA9C292
  239. Max Sp
    CE067D44 BCA99E6A
  240. Super Physical Stats
    DE067D46 E3B9C293
    DE067D42 E3B9C293
  241. Super Magical Stats
    DE067D4E E3B9C293
    DE067D4A E3B9C293
  242. Super Other Stats
    DE067D56 E3B9C293
    DE067D52 E3B9C293
    DE067D5E E3B9C293
    DE067D5A E3B9C293
  243. Sora Codes

  244. Quick Level Up
    CE067C82 BCA99E6A
  245. Infinite Cash
    DE067C8E C19E7B82
  246. Max HP
    CE067C9A BCA9C292
  247. Max Sp
    CE067CA4 BCA99E6A
  248. Super Physical Stats
    DE067CA6 E3B9C293
    DE067CA2 E3B9C293
  249. Super Magical Stats
    DE067CAE E3B9C293
    DE067CAA E3B9C293
  250. Super Other Stats
    DE067CB6 E3B9C293
    DE067CB2 E3B9C293
    DE067CBE E3B9C293
    DE067CBA E3B9C293
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